To fell a tree from the ground is often the simplest and most efficient method but it is not always possible. If the tree is too close to buildings, power lines, other vegetation etc. then piece by piece section-felling is required. This involves professional tree climbing using specialised equipment. In this way we are able to fell the tree from the top down branch by branch without causing damage to surroundings.

We always place safety first. Before every job we carry out a risk assessment on site. This occurs at the time of the initial inspection to determine costing. This inspection is always free and necessary to enable us to set the correct price for our service. To estimate a job over the phone is almost impossible.

When a tree is to be felled conventional ground-felling is often the easiest and cheapest alternative. To help us we have our education and experience, the right saw for the job and, if required, ropes and winches.

However if the tree is situated so that various obstacles make ground-felling impossible then our climbing Arborists, with many years of training and practice, can expertly dismantle it in smaller pieces. Utilising equipment specially designed for professional tree climbing we are able to move through the crown unhindered and drop smaller pieces without causing damage. In the case of extremely large or technical take-downs or in sensitive environments we can lower pieces with maximum presicion and minimal impact on surroundings.

To fell trees without the right technniques and equipment can have fatal consequences and specialists should always be used. Our motto is: ‘Problem with your teeth call a dentinst. Problem with your trees call Trädakuten’.