Work at height? Call Trädakuten for expert assistance. We work safely and efficiently with the aid of modern techniques, many years of experience and a keen interest in trees and nature.

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Tree felling

To fell a tree from the ground is often the simplest and most efficient method but it is not always possible.



Just as your garden needs care in order to bloom so your trees need care to reach their full functional and aesthetic potential.



The shimmer and shine raises the Christmas spirit and warms our Nordic midwinter darkness. We set up lighting solutions according to your needs.

Land clearing

Are you planning to build a house? Bought a block of land but not sure what to do with the woods on it?


Tree work

Arboriculture is a varied occupation from planting the right tree in the right ennvironment to ensuring established trees receive the care they need.

Snow clearing

Work at height is our specialty whether its tree tops or rooftops.[/wpcol_1third_end]