Work at height? Call Trädakuten for expert assistance. We work safely and efficiently with the aid of modern techniques, many years of experience and a keen interest in trees and nature.

Trees close to buildings, utility lines and other structures as well as sick, dying and high risk trees are no problem for our climbing Arborists. We use both ground-felling and climbing ‘section-felling’ techniques.

Pruning helps maintain the health and longevity of trees and allows them to coexist with our man made environment. Improved satellite signal or mor sunshine in your yard does not necessarily require felling. Trädakuten’s Arborists offer a better alternative; a professional pruning preserves both the tree and your relationship to it.

We can arrange everything from pruning/take-down to waste removal and stump grinding fully insured and tax invoiced. Removed waste is of course recycled and converted into fuel for heating plants.


No job is too big or small.
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